We’re glad you asked! The simple answer is YES! As long as you have to pay property taxes, you should appeal them, too! The market changes all the time and to ensure you aren’t overpaying property taxes, it’s important to appeal annually so new factors can be taken into consideration.

Factors that effect property tax:

Surrounding Property Values

Community Area

Home Improvements

Assessors’ Assessment Preference 

Not sure if these things apply to you? It’s okay! There is nothing to lose by checking. If you don’t get a refund, you don’t pay for our services! 

Property tax is a tax assessed on real estate based on the property value.

If you have a mortgage your property taxes are most likely included in you monthly mortgage payment. If you do not have a mortgage it is your responsibility to pay your property taxes directly to your local assessors office. Property tax due dates vary by location.

Property taxes are used to help civic infrastructure. They help pay for things like road construction, fire and police departments. 

Your property tax amount is determined by the assessed value of your real estate. You are then charged a fixed percent of the value of the property. For example if your home’s value was assessed at $100,000 and your local property tax rate was 1.5%, your property taxes would be $1,500 annually.

Nobody is right 100% of the time, and the tax assessors are not an exception to this! Often times property values are over assessed. Meaning the assessor’s office has over estimated the value of your home. The reasons for this vary from human error to a change in property value caused by damage or changes in the real estate market. This is when an appeal is used. An appeal is a statement of contest, accompanied with evidence backing your claim.

Because you don’t like overpaying the taxman!

Each county has a different deadline, but don’t worry Appeal Taxes-Now keeps track of all of that.

Yes all property’s are eligible for appeal but that doesn’t mean every property is over assessed. That’s where Appeal Taxes Now comes in to cut the red tape and give you a clear picture of what appeals will be successful.

This varies by county but Appeal Taxes-Now streamlines the process which helps expedite it substantially!

We only charge you if we save you money!


You bet it does! Most investors know that you can increase your return on investment (ROI) in two ways: increasing rent or decreasing expenses (of course, you could do both and really make a profit). Increasing rent or prices can become complicated and it can be increasingly difficult to manage expectations of consumers. However, one way you can easily increase your ROI without the hassle of increasing rent or prices is to appeal your property tax. It will reduce your overhead cost and ultimately could save you thousands of dollars!

For example, imagine there are two properties, both the same type and in the same neighborhood. Property Owner 1 does not appeal and continues to pay $2,500 a year in property tax. That’s $208 per month. Property Owner 2 appeals their property tax and begins only paying $1,500 a year for the identical home ($125 per month).  Property Owner 2 ends up saving $83 dollars monthly or nearly $1000 year in taxes. All of this savings is just from appealing the value that the county assigned to your property.

With AT-N appealing your property tax is easy. There is so risk involved. You don’t have to pay unless you receive a credit or refund on your property taxes! So why not try to reduce your expenses and increase your return?


It sure does! It’s simple really. By decreasing the amount of property taxes you owe, your home automatically becomes more appealing to buyers and increases your home’s selling power. Imagine two homes in a neighborhood that are close to identical. A buyer is going to want to purchase the property that requires less yearly property taxes. It’s an easy choice!

You want your home to stand out in the market amongst the rest in your neighborhood. Keep your property taxes low and your home becomes the most appealing on the block!


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