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Founded in Indianapolis, IN, AppealTaxes-NOW began appealing property taxes for investors and homeowners in the community in 2009. As investors and real estate brokers, our founders began developing technology to help evaluate properties and their investment potential. As they did so, they began to recognize that they, along with thousands of other Hoosiers were being greatly overcharged for their property taxes. Finding this inequitable, our founders began utilizing their technology to decrease property taxes and increase ROIs for themselves and those they knew, eventually launching this service into AppealTaxes-NOW.

AT-N now helps people across the nation even the playing field between the taxpayer and the assessor’s office, navigating the appeals process and negotiating so our client’s receive the greatest possible refund. Our goal is to help stop unfair property taxes and get our clients the money they deserve.



A prior Special Forces soldier, Jeremy Miller is no stranger to working hard and going about it in the smartest way possible. Once retired from the military, Miller took his training and applied it to business and real estate, becoming an expert on real estate investments through mentorship and experience. His time in home buying and selling has lead him to a passion for stopping the overpaying of property taxes for homeowners and investors. With a real estate portfolio of 33 houses, Miller recognizes the importance of fair property taxes and is committed to helping each client get the money they deserve.

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